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Lamination has flown down (triplex)

Has flown down the protective multilayered it is used in building for maintenance of protection of the personnel and clients of bank (credit) establishments, increase of safety of operation of building designs with glass, comfort improvements in office accommodations. It is applied at a glass cover:

- ladder flights

- balcony doors and loggias

- office partitions and stained-glass windows

- trading pavilions and stopping complexes

- gyms, вестибюлей educational institutions and preschool child care centres

- check-points of regime establishments and other objects with increased requirements on safety

Building triplex from 6,2 до13,5 mm provides in the thickness the raised sound insulation of window apertures (32 - 44 дБ), safety of operation and durability of designs.

Triplex (from an armour. triplex threefold) multilayered glass (two or more organic or silicate has flown down, stuck together among themselves the special polymeric film capable at blow to keep splinters). Distinguish some kinds of triplex: triplex building, triplex for ground transport, triplex just for decoration, triplex colour and transparent, тонированный triplex. Triplex differs from the usual and tempered glass that products from triplex do not collapse at blow since such glass has at least two glasses, stuck together among themselves special polymer which keeps splinters from falling.

The basic advantages of triplex are:

- durability

- Safety

- Antivandalnost

- An aesthetics

- Economy (the low price)

- A transparency of designs

There are some production technologies of triplex. We apply the most safe and technological way - vacuum lamination (a film way). This technology is non-polluting and allows to make decorative film triplex.

The basic advantages of glass tirplex:

Does not collapse from casual household blows

At destruction does not break up to separate parts that allows to protect from traumas of people. Thanks to the properties at use of multilayered safe glass triplex problems of safety and reliability are solved at facing of facades, manufacturing of glass roofs, balconies, office partitions and so on.

Triplex this multilayered glass consisting of two and more layers of glass connected among themselves by means of strong polymer. More often pitch is used поливинилбутираловая. Thanks to this technology it is possible to create very strong glass which will satisfy to all safety requirements. Than more than layers at triplex and the they more thickly, the has better flown down resists to blows, snow, a wind.
Thanks to durability regulation, triplex has wide application and in each separate case it will be a miscellaneous. At manufacturing of glass partitions and doors it will have one thickness, at manufacturing of glass ladders and floors another.

Certainly, one of the main advantages of this glass that at разбивании splinters do not scatter in the parties, and remain on a film which is between layers of glasses. It allows to avoid many traumas and mutilations which, as a rule, turn out from the big scattering of splinters. Glass from triplex after damage continues to carry out partially the protective function before its replacement. For this reason triplex is used as a windshield of all without an exception of cars that has allowed to keep not one hundred thousand lives. Triplex also is applied in armour cars and at booking of glasses of buildings. Such glasses maintain as physical influence (blows by a breakage, a hammer, a sledge hammer), and fire shots. For example seven-layer триплексное glass «остановит» the bullet which has been started up from the automatic machine of Kalashnikov. One more advantage of triplex. It can be used at manufacturing of mirrors. Mirror triplex also is reliable and durable. Pitch which is used in triplex, a rack to influence of direct sun rays, therefore триплексное glass does not lose the optical properties many years. Using the painted film триплексному to glass it is possible to give hundreds various shades, thus durability has flown down will not change.